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Upper Coast Surveys

Planning and Sites

Survey window is May 18- May 31st for 2024. Contact Richard Gibbons ( or Pete Deichmann ( for more information, or to inquire about survey site coverage. 

We appreciate all of our partners who volunteer their time to keep the annual surveys going!

Save and print copies of the field datasheet here:

Map below shows upper coast rookeries surveyed over the last few years. Click on a point for Colony ID, name, and location. You can search by colony name or ID code.

Below is a Google Sheet with Upper Coast sites that need to be surveyed. During our coordination call, each site is discussed and individuals indicate which rookeries they can cover. 

If you are unable to cover a site where you are listed as a surveyor please let us know ASAP so other arrangements can be made. Feel free to add your name/ organization if you can cover any of the sites without a surveyor listed. You can make edits directly on the form below.

Please email Richard Gibbons ( or Pete Deichmann ( with any questions.

2024 Upper Coast Survey Assignments:

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