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Annual surveys traditionally occur the last two weeks of May. Members and volunteers across the state venture out to count know colonies and record new sites.

All data is then turned into a regional compiler (Upper, Mid, Lower Coasts) and entered into a database. Data records stretch back to 1973 and are available for researchers if the TCWS is given appropriate credit/ citation. 

Do keep in mind that the data may have inconsistencies and errors. Compilers work hard to enter field counts and QA/QC all information. However, all TCWS data should be considered an estimate and not a 100% individual count in most cases. Counters, site changes/ topography, weather, and level of experience are just a few factors that could affect estimate quality.


Interested in obtaining TCWS colony data? Fill out the form below and include name, agency/ employer, email and how data is intended to be used.

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